Unfortunately waste is inevitable in the events industry, but iCO Event Services have developed a strong policy which aims to minimises (in a realistic fashion) the impact of our day-to-day operations on the environment without affecting either our standard of work or our high customer service levels.

We have implemented several changes within the business to help reduce our overall waste, and to better filter where our office and event waste is directed to.

Our Offices

  • Waste Paper – all paper is sorted into individual bins and then sent for recycling.
  • Old Toner Cartridges – recycled.
  • Old / Broke Furniture – depending on the condition; sent to local charity shop or sent for recycling.
  • Canteen – as you can imagine we consume a very LARGE amount of tea and coffee; where possible we recycle plastic containers. Tea bags are composted.

Transport & Logistics;

Our event operations have big impact on our local environment when it comes to transport & logistics; we carefully plan our dry-hire routes to ensure our vans are always taking the shortest trips possible. On larger production jobs we ensure we use as few a vehicles as possible taking the shortest routes possible.  

Event Wastage;

We have a large amount of waste from events; this includes used gaffer &electrical tape, batteries, printed PVC sheets and other printed media. Our tech teams remove all waste from a site and bring back to our offices for sorting and recycling where possible.