The Stage: Key to every great successful engaging conference!

It’s a fact, majority of conferences held, have a stage - the idea of a stage is to provide a focal point for the conference and a raised platform so delegates can see what’s going on; keynote speakers and any other special events (such as awards).

But have you considered the location of your stage

in relation to the room layout; probably not, but it’s not a bad thing! The majority of conferences we see taking place have a stage along a wall or at one end of the room etc, but have you considered having the stage in the middle of the conference space? You’re probably thinking I’m going mad now; but, honestly let’s think about it for a minute.

Modern day conferences are all about engaging delegates, interaction with the keynote speakers; moving away from the ridged, boring dull ‘death by PowerPoint’ conference scenario. Moving your stage to the middle of your conference space brings your keynote speakers closer to your delegates, making them feel more connected and able to take more away from the conference.

The other great advantage of bringing your stage into the middle of the conference space is, it immediately breaks down the barriers; the ‘them and us” idea, delegates feel way more relaxed from the start – no need for dodgy ice breakers.

Of course, this set up will not work for every conference, understanding the dynamics of your conference and the way your keynote speakers will convey their messages is key; not everyone can cope with been surrounded by delegates 360, but others thrive from this meaning the whole experience is more fulfilling.

When you start talking to your technical provider about moving your stage into the middle of the conference space for your next conference; they may look at your slightly perplexed, possibly mumbling “where’s all the screens and pa going to go?!”. Yes, I will admit that trying to plan the technical aspect for this kind of setup can be challenging, you essentially have no backdrop, and everything is fully exposed; but is that a bad thing?

If you’d like to challenge the layout and presentation of your next conference – why not give me a call, we can grab a cuppa and let’s see how we can make your conference more engaging.