iCO Supports “It’s Okay To Talk”


The iCO Event Services team recently supported #AndysManClub event at The Shay Stadium which was the first ever telling of Andys Story with a mini film from the guys at Ladbible.  

In July this year, Luke founded ‘Andys Man Club’, a space for men to talk about their problems without judgment or feeling like a burden. What started as a small support group in Halifax has ballooned into a Facebook Group of thousands, with more clubs to be setup across the UK.

The associated campaign, #ItsOkayToTalk, has drawn support from prominent celebs including Danny Cipriani and Ricky Gervais.

The club is important, Luke says, because men often don’t feel they have anyone to talk to. They don’t want to worry their parents and close family, for instance “You don’t want to burden these people”.

In a relationship, he says “you don’t want to come across as weak to your missus or your fella. That’s probably from when we were cavemen, and we had to be tough, we had to be hunters, big and strong”.

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The iCO team pulled together to support the launch even with a set, graphics, venue lighting and on-site technical support.

Steven, National Sales Director says “This is one of them events I personally felt passionate about. There is very little support out there for men, and this is iCO doing our part to support this movement”.

Chris, Managing Director says “We wanted to do as much as possible to make this event possible and support Luke in his efforts. The subject is such an overlooked issue in our [events] industry, and we will certainly be doing our part to support this project”.

For more information on the #ItsOkayToTalk or #AndysManClub campaign see their Facebook page