Catchbox has landed!


Conference organisers are constantly looking for new products and technology which engages their audiences, with many trying to move away from the ‘death by PowerPoint’ scenario which anyone who has attended a conference has encountered.

iCO recently introduced

a new product to the hire portfolio called CATCHBOX. The product is great and provides a new dimension to audience interaction. Chris Ayre Managing Director commented “this product is exactly what our clients are looking for! No longer do clients have to go running round a conference when doing a Q&A. You can simple toss the microphone to someone who wishes to speak. With the technology that’s built into the mic, the audio is temporally muted whilst moving preventing loud bangs and clatters when been thrown or dropped; and because the mic has a soft squishy outer, it doesn’t cause damage to the mic when dropped and can’t hurt delegates if your aim isn’t the best”.

The CATCHBOX is perfect for audiences of all sizes and is the perfect complement to any conference.

CATCHBOX is now in stock and ready to hire – drop our team a call today to make your next conference that little more interactive and fun on 0113 468 2200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CatchBox Hire from iCO Event Services LTD