Interruptions to your meeting down to technology issues?


A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Arvato UK claims that 43% of UK workers regularly attend meetings that start late or overrun, with 45% of respondents reporting meeting delays and interruptions due to technology issues – is this the

reason why event organisers are burying the idea of using technology in their events?

Take a look at our ‘Event Technology: The thing everyone seems to hide away from!’ blog post.

The truth is, yes technology can fail, and yes it can fail in dramatic style; it has done during some of the conferences we have run for our clients, but it’s about how it’s managed.


It’s always a good idea to ensure you fully test any technology you’re planning to use for a conference or event (especially if it’s new to you). This gives you chance to break the tech and then find a way or rectifying any problems you encounter. You may need to run a certain voting system on a higher spec laptop than you’ve used before, or there may be a certain windows updates which will cause a fatal system crash (not something you need during an event).


Often over looked – but having key redundant equipment onsite ready to jump in when and if the main tech fails helps to prevent embarrassing delays or even screen blackouts during the conference or event.


Probably the most obvious – but it can be the difference between a hugely successful event and an embarrassing mess. Professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to deal with any problems which may arise; efficiently and professionally, often without you even knowing something has gone wrong.

Don’t just leave it to chance, let’s grab a coffee and see how we can ensure your conference is a total success and leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons!