Top 5 Tips on a successful exhibition

We've had plenty of experience here amongst the iCO team at not only planning and running exhibitions but also using them as a great way for new lead generation. Quite often at these events we'll see exhibitors sat behind a table in the comfort of their booth watching potential clients walk past without interacting with anyone.

There are several ways we have learned that can attract visitors to your stand even if you're not the most confident sales person. 

1. Pop-Up Banners
This may seem a pretty obvious one but sometimes obvious is the way to go. A well designed, eyecatching banner can speak volumes before the attendee has even spoken to you. They're also easy to put up, lightweight and portable and allow passersby to assess your value proposition and give them a clear idea of what you do and how you can serve them. 

2. Video Displays

Exhibition StandEasily one of our most popular hires when exhibition season is in full swing are our 50" plasma TV screens and stand. Video can be played on a loop, highlighting your product and services and pulls your audience closer to you as they view the images on screen - giving you the ideal opportunity to talk to them.

3. Use social media
Whether you're the main host or just attending the event, utilising social media such as Twitter hashtags is a sure fire way to heighten the reach of your event. Find out the hashtag and tweet your stand number to potential attendees, and build momentum before the event even begins. Don't forget that Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin also operate on the same hashtag format as Twitter so don't leave those channels out! Try to engage in discussions with fellow exhibitors, and reweet where possible. 

Never underestimate the power of a good giveaway! It doesn't have to be expensive or flash, we've found that something useful and practical always goes down best; pens, desk pads, wall planners etc. But a word of caution, don't hand them out needlessly. We aim to capture data from the delegate before we hand over the goodies, which leads nicely into....

5. Data Capture
Another obvious one but you would be surprised how many stands have no data capture facility. Even something as simple as a bowl to catch business cards will suffice, and as part of your conversation ask if it's OK that you follow up with them after the event. Make a note on the card as to what you discussed so that when you follow up you know what you talked about!

These are just a few points based on our experience but we would love hear from you if you have any more. 

Don't forget, if you're an event organiser or have been tasked with organising your company event give the team a call and we'd be more than happy to give you any help or advice.