Event Technology: the thing everyone seems to hide away from!

I was asked recently “Where does the events industry stand with regards to technology, and why do so few events utilise technology to make things more interesting, and to save resources”.

It seems people don’t know how to integrate technology effectively

into their event proposals, with some kind of fear that it will fail during that all important moment when the MD directs delegates to look at a screen, only to find it’s blank because the system decided to crash.

Or the other extreme, where someone goes on a frantic mission to integrate technology into every possible element of the event, only to find it actually causes more problems than its worth.

So, is there a happy medium – yes of course there is, effective use of technology can make your event look slick and professional, it can allow you to capture details of your delegates like never before, and it can make ‘death by PowerPoint’ a thing of the past. It’s not a rite of passage to some greater good or anything like that, it should be viewed as a tool to help improve the way we communicate, work and play.

Some of the awesome systems you certainly should consider at your next event.

Delegate Registration

The perfect system to integrate into your event; no more mass impersonal Mail Chimp generated emails inviting your delegates to your event. No more having to consistently delete a bulk amount of emails informing you that Shelia is off work until next month, but you can contact her colleague who is also off work. Delegate Management systems are amazing at streamlining the registration, management and badge printing for delegates. Some systems like our very own ‘Manage My Delegates’ can be fully customised to capture the details you really need (delegates demographics, food & drink requests etc).

Interactive Tools

Almost always a winner in our book; interactive tools such as voting keypads, whiteboards and social media walls and all the rest, make events fun, and obviously interactive. These systems bring the delegate closer to the conference by letting them have their own input into the event; ‘Death by PowerPoint’ is truly a thing of the past. But, although these bits of technology are awesome, they’re even better when effectively used – you don’t want to be constantly asking, one after another, questions to your delegates.

These are just two of the great systems we love to show off to our clients, and love even more using in our events. It’s something different; it pushes delegates to get involved in the event, and allows you to generate reports which you can use either for future events or to provide a report on the success of your event.

Why not drop us a call and lets have a cuppa and see how our tech can make your event stand out from the rest.