What's the difference between Analog & Digital?

For someone not technically minded the terms ‘analog’ and ‘digital’ can seem extremely alien. But worry not; for their differences and uses are actually quite simple to understand.

Meeting Room Layout Hints & Tips

So you've found the perfect venue, taken care of the food and all those dietary requirements, booked your guest speakers and are just about ready. But, have you given consideration to your room layout? This is really one of the most important aspects of your event and should be considered before any other requirements. So here's our handy guide to room layouts with pro's and con's for each option.

Front or Rear Projection?

In a series of posts we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions about achieving the best results and getting the most from your events. Quite often as a venue or a conference organiser the technical aspect of setting up and running a succesful event can feel daunting when you don't have the right equipment in house or the knowledge needed to ensure the presenters requirements are met. Of course the most important part of any successful event is the audience and their participation so we will also look at how audience engagement can be improved, from bean bags to voting apps!

In part 1 of the series we'll look at the difference between rear and front projection, the advantages and disadvantages of both and give tips on how to get your message across. 

Testimonial: Regional council event

Last week we supported a key event at one of the top hotels in our region. We were really happy with how it ran, and thrilled that Brett received such positive feedback.

Testimonial: Supermarket Roadshow

We love it when we get great feedback from events that we run, and we were thrilled to hear back from a recent client that we did an event for. 

Leave those Lectern Mics alone!

For todays blog post in the FAQ's series we look at Lectern Mics and why they shouldn't be moved! Over to tech expert Brett.

We run and watch conferences on almost a daily basis and the one thing that we see more than anything else is when a presenter approaches the lectern and moves the microphones from where they have been placed by the technician. 

YABA Awards 2015

The team at iCO events services were very pleased to be involved with the recent Yorkshire Asian Business Association Awards. 

Technical Support & Your Event

Have you ever held a conference and the tech just wasn’t working correctly? Did you wish you had someone to turn to that would be able to solve your problems and get your conference back on track? This weeks blog post is brought to you by our in-house technician Brett Speakman.

We're growing!

After a very busy year with lots of lovely new clients we've taken the plunge and expanded the team.