iCO Social FAQ

This will have an intro for the faq section. 


About iCO Social

iCO Social allows your guests and delegates to take part and interact with your event, whether it be a conference, awards dinner or festival. The system collects messages and images from a variety of social media platforms using a specified hashtag. The messages and images it collects can then be shown in either a static or animated display.
You imagination is really the only limitation; iCO Social can be used for pretty much any event; Awards Events, Conferences, Road Shows, Live Events, Product Launches, Charity Events, Sporting Events and even Parties.
It provides a great opportunity for guests to interact and engage with your event and one and other. iCO Social can also provide a great sponsorship opportunity for your event.
You can have as many iCO Social Screens at your event as you wish – speak with our team to discuss your requirements.


Layouts & Design

iCO Social screens can be branded to match your event branding, corporate branding or be totally different.


Moderation & Stats

Yes, the moderation system can be used on any laptop, tablet or smartphone and doesn’t need to be connected to the same network as the laptop iCO Social is running on.
There are three moderator options;
Off – this will allow anything posted with the hashtag for your event to be shown on the screen.
Automatic Profanity Filter – this setting will screen all messages and tagged images and reject any messages found with profanity.
Moderated – the most effective option, this allows for the full screening of all messages and images prior to approving them to show on your iCO Social Screen.
iCO Social can only control what is shown onto the iCO Social Screen and cannot moderate posts to any social media platform.


Everything Technical

iCO Social is able to display on any format screen and any resolution whether it be 4:3, 16:9, or portrait view.
No, all you need is a laptop running Chrome and an output to your projector or display switching equipment. The moderation side of iCO Social can be run on any laptop, tablet or smartphone, and doesn’t need to be anywhere near the laptop or even on the same network.
iCO Social will continue to show messages which have already been approved, but will not update with any new messages until the connection is restored.
iCO Social will work on any connection, however we recommend a high-speed wired connection for stability. If using WiFi, your speed will depend on the number of other devices connected.
Yes, only authorised users have access to your iCO Social account.
iCO Social can be used on any projection setup, for further guidance on this please speak with our team.



Simply put, nope.
See our Pricing Page for information on costing’s.


Marketing & Event Agencies

We have special Reseller accounts available for Marketing & Event Agencies who wish to resell the system to their clients.
No, iCO Social for Marketing & Event Agencies is a completely white label system.
You can setup an unlimited amount of events and client accounts.
None what so ever; you can use the system for as many events and clients as you wish.