Lighting Design

Lighting is key for setting the mood, adding the finishing touch to any event, conference or party.

Coupled with good sound, lighting design can be used to create and manipulate the feeling and emotions of any event – from smooth colour fades to dramatic sweeping beams and strobe effects.

Our lighting fixture stock is equipment with the latest in energy efficient LED and lamps, resulting in lower energy usage for your event.


Almost common place in majority of events, conferences and parties, effects add the extra dimension, turning lighting into a 3D display.

Adding effects such as confetti cannon and dry-ice, adds a totally different dimension, with outstanding results. 


Our Lighting department includes;

  • Moving Head Lights
  • Lighting Control Desks
  • LED Lighting
  • Generic Lighting & Control
  • Trussing
  • Motors & Hoists
  • Strobes
  • Power Distribution
  • Smoke, Haze & Dry-Ice
  • Pyrotechnic Systems