Projectors have been the staple technology for majority of small and large meetings for decades. We boast a large stock of projectors from small desktop projectors; best suited to small meetings of up to 80 people; to larger projectors for up to 250 people and even larger high-brightness projector systems for large-scale events.

Projection Screens

Now available in a vast array of different sizes and configurations, including new curved screens, projection screens have come a long way from the commonly seen 6ft tri-pod screens.

We stock standard run-of-the-mill tri-pod screens to large format widescreen fastfold systems.

All of our projection technology can be fully integrated into our stage sets.

Our technical team can help you choose the best projection solution for your event and audience. 


Our Projection department includes;

  • HD Projectors
  • LCD Projectors
  • Desktop Projectors
  • Projector Lenses
  • Flying Brackets
  • Wide Format Screens
  • Rear Projection Screens
  • Fastfold Screens
  • Tripod Projection Screens
  • Truss Frame Projection Screens